July 3-6, 2015 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Family Camp



Our Mission
Our mission is to provide an innovative festival experience that is truly radically inclusive for PEXies of all ages with a space that allows adults and children alike to connect through art, play and interaction.  This year we will provide events, workshops, art and interactive experiences.  No matter where you're camping please register so we can design age appropriate awesomeness and do our best to be inclusive of your children at Summer Fest!

Want to learn more?! 
Please let us know if you are interested in receiving more information about our family camping area and activities.  Fill out our interest form here. 

Are you interested in volunteering in some way for Camp WANNAWANNAPEX, either through the pre-fest planning and build process, or on-site opportunity.  Fill out the Volunteer form here. Available though May 30th.

Camp Registrations for activities and camping will be open April 15-May 30th.
It’s like a census to give us the vital information we need to do our best to create experiences inclusive of all ages attending PEX Summerfest 2015. REGISTER HERE!

Camp WANNAWANNAPEX Merit Badge Workshop Program

Camp WANNWANNAPEX's Merit Badge Program is committed to skills development, sharing knowledge and wisdom to inspire a more empowered generation.  We are interested in workshops that build self-reliant skills and knowledge for Pexies and lil Pexies alike. 

Suggested workshop topics include: basic First Aid, camping skills, mind & body health and wellness, flow arts, dance, arts and crafts.  We are excited to offer a variety of unique workshops applicable to our daily lives, camping and festival living.  

The Merit Badge Workshop time slots are at most 1 hour and include 15 minutes setup, 15-30 minutes of class, and 15 mintues for Closing with LNT (Leave No Trace).   

We are accepting Merit Badge Workshop proposals April 1 through June 10.  Submit your Merit Badge Workshop proposal!


Camp WANNAWANNAPEX is on a roll!  Read our June Newsletter

Now that we've got a better idea of the ages of kids attending we've been able to create activities specific to the attending age ranges. Read our latest Newsletter about what's going on this year at Camp WANNAWANNAPEX! There's still time to get involved and we encourage parents to register their kids so we know how many to plan for!  June Newsletter