July 3-6, 2015 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts


We have compiled a list of the main questions we have received to date. We are working to keep YOU well informed.  More questions?  Please feel free to write us at

Should I get in on a cabin & purchase the meal plan?

Opting for the cabin and meal plan is the way to go!  That way you have less stuff to pack, less stuff to worry about and more time & energy enjoying yourself.  If you want more privacy you could pitch a tent too!  ONE person is responsible for securing the whole cabin and is responsible for collecting fees from their cabin mates.  If you decide to prepare your own meals, please note that there is no easy solution for dishwashing or food storage, although ice will be sold. There is no cooking in or around the cabins and no washing of dishes in the bathroom sinks.

What are the cabins like?

Cabins are dormitory style and vary in size and style, with an occupancy range of 7-13 people.  All cabins have fully functioning bathrooms, to be shared by the cabin mates.  The bathrooms are equipped with several toilets and showers, divided into private stalls for each.  These accommodations are not gender specific, so men and women are always open to use any facility at any time within their given cabin.  Most cabins share a common roof or bathroom entrance, adding to the community feel of our event.  The 8 & 13 bed cabins do not share bathrooms with other cabins.  There are ample electrical outlets and lighting.  You must bring your own linens, pillows, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc.

All cabins have single beds (mattress and box spring).  If you would like to create a larger bed, simply push two beds together and cover them with a king-sized sheet or other larger cushioning (i.e. air mattress).  Once you have the cabin, you may arrange the beds as you please.

NOTE: This year ALL numbered cabins (the ones along the main road of the festival) – will be designated as ArtCabin™ Row. All individuals/groups securing a numbered cabin along this road will need to also submit a proposal of funky intent. This means we just want to know what your plans will be to trick out the exterior of your cabin, so that we may plan for you. Think of ArtCabin™ Row as the Esplanade of SummerFest.  

What will the menu be like? Will there be vegetarian meals?

Ramblewood will be preparing regular meals with vegetarian & vegan options.   All meals will be served in the dining hall along with iced tea, juices, teas and coffee.  A full salad bar and vegetarian entree will be available at each meal.  The meal plan includes five meals: Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch & Dinner, and Sunday Brunch & Dinner.  Meal times are: Brunch 8:30am to 11:30am & Dinner 5:30 to 8:30pm.

Hot & cold beverage vending will be available. You are welcome to bring your own food and snacks; however there are no refrigerators, cooking facilities, or dish washing facilities available. If you bring a portable BBQ you are responsible for setting it up safely away from the wooden cabins. Often people choose to bring a cooler, and for this purpose we will have ice for sale.

If I choose to tent camp, are bathrooms & showers available?

Bathrooms & showers will be available for those that choose to tent camp.  An ample amount of porta potties will be on site at various locations, as well. 

Will there be ice for sale?


Will drinking water be available?

Yes.  Free drinking water is available at various locations throughout camp.

Can I bring my RV?

Yes, however there are no hookups available.  You must purchase an RV Camping Pass.

What if it rains?

Camp has many covered areas. We will still have a great time if it rains!  Sorry, but there will be no refunds due to inclement weather.

What if I have to cancel?

Tickets are not refundable, however, tickets are transferrable.

Can I bring the kids?

This is an 18+ event. Children under 8 years of age are allowed with free admission and must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times during the event. 

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no pets. There will be no exceptions.  If you show up with any pets you will be directed to the nearest kennel. 

What should I bring?

Here is a short list of things to bring.

  • Your ticket for the festival and ID
  • Food and beverages for a weekend of camping
  • Linens, pillows, etc. (Cabins)
  • Tent and camping accessories (Tent Camping)
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Earplugs
  • Garbage bags
  • First-aid kit
  • Re-useable cups
  • Blankets, chairs, and mats
  • Re-usable water bottle.
  • Small container for cigarette butts disposal, if you smoke
  • Acoustic instruments of all kinds
  • Costumes
  • Decorations for your camp or cabin
  • Cash. There is no ATM on location

*NO refrigerators, air conditioners, and hotplates in the cabins.

Will there be internet access?

There is free wireless internet service available near the dining hall.

What do I have to do to bring my art to PEXSF?

Applications will be available shortly.

Our art placement team will work with you to place your art and help with any logistical situations. Questions? Email

We will also list your artwork in the PEX Summer Festival's "That's What's Up!" Guide.

This form is not required for you to bring your art unless it is large scale art or art with flame effects. 

May 15th is the Deadline for guide submissions.

Do we have to bring our own wood for burn barrels and stuff?

Please do NOT burn anything on the ground. Open fires are only allowed in burn barrels that are raised off the ground (on metal or cinder blocks) and in barbeques.  If you need firewood please bring it.

How do I get to PEX Summer Festival?

Directions are posted here.