July 3-6, 2015 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

About PEX


The Philadelphia Experiment Mission
Our mission is to inspire and connect a growing, willing and participatory community of passionate, tolerant and motivated individuals by actively creating, supporting and providing engaging experiences. To this end we continually strive to foster an environment that nurtures and protects the family evolved by this culture.

PEX Summer Festival
The PEX Summer Festival will be a place for harmony amongst joyful adventurers in self-exploration. On the weekend of July 4th, we are looking forward to our largest collaborative effort to date in the gathering of like minds and compassionate spirits.  PEX summer festival will entice and thrill you with music from the best DJs in our local and national community. We are securing top talent to bring you a full lineup for the best dance party the east coast will see this summer! Get ready to dance, play, sing, and interact with your fellow members of the PEX community.

The art of our community will be the bedrock of the event, mingling with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual climate of the three day joy-fest. We want all participants to create art in their own way and invite the people of this gathering to feel free to express themselves openly, respectfully and lovingly through any modality that feels appropriate and nurturing to the highest good of self and all.  Saturday night we will host an effigy burn, celebrating peace, unity and transformation.

We aim to nourish you throughout the event. We want to nourish your ears, eyes and soul through a VARIETY of arts!  Join us and help us create a community of participatory arts!!